Wednesday, 1 August 2012

YoyoAcquaintance / SingaporeYoing

Hi all, been long since I've posted anything here.
I didn't want to abuse the platform here to "promote" my new personal yoyo blog.
But I've still been getting messages, being asked to help post about stuff. clearly, not many know I've stop blogging here. But that also kind of change my mind about my personal yoyo blog, since there's quite a few friends who encourage me to continue blogging, and I still want to help promote players and makers, but my personal yoyo blog, YoyoAcquaintance, does not have the platform that SYBlog have, so I apologize to you guys, I can't help much for time being. I'll need to build the platform from scratch when I have more time.

About why I left/stop blogging here, please read here, and my FB notes.
So for those who is interested, I'm now blogging at YoyoAcquaintance, thanks for reading.

Friday, 22 June 2012

YoyoAcqPromo: ColdMetal V8

another promo I promised Sergey. Sorry for the delay, here's the promo featuring Tan Yao Kun.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

YoyoAcqPromo: Adegle Formosa 2

Adegle Formosa, version 2.
This too, was filmed way long ago, sorry for the delay people.

YoyoAcqPromo: Adegle Roc & Whale tryout

another promo that was suppose to be out months ago.
here it is. this one is more of a tryout video than a promo, pretty lengthy, lots of misses and stuff, so you can see how responsive the regens are, how high the yoyo bounce, etc.

Featuring Sean Hung and Kwan JunJie from Diamont Noir, thanks guys for helping.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Dear readers, it's the blogger, Jayson here.
Iskandar Shah from DiamontNoir have made a statement somewhere in his post on my wall(here
, link removed as we've talk about it, but the entry won't be remove so as to let people understand why the blog closed and why I have my own blog.) that I should edit my statement about the blog closing, because he find it an issue that I'm said i'm too busy to blog and announce the blog closing yet I'm blogging at my new personal yoyo blog. And since he have pointed this out and I don't want to edit anything there just in case there's any misunderstanding possible, so I'm making an entry here.

So, for anyone who have doubts, I've been wanting to stop blogging here way before I got busy with school because I'm not cool with how people are talking behind me after how I feel I've help them. Main issue were me claiming credits and hogging the blog, so I thought it would be best I leave. But I still have responsibilities, like the remaining write-ups and promo videos and stuff, so I decided to stay until I'm done with those.
Players got busy when I was free, videos got delayed, and then finally we're free to film and then I have ITE exams, got busy, then not so busy after that, and then film more, then got busy again in Poly life, this time really busy, but I still try to blog when I'm free, like I told most people. And then I decide to stop blogging here because #1, since I've been wanting to leave because of all the accusation, and #2, I can no longer deliver what I used to deliver, which is update almost everyday with news, but I will still find time to film the remaining promo videos which until now I have yet to do so. So I told Alex that I will stop blogging once I'm done doing the remaining write-ups and promos, and his immediate answer is, then close it down then.

so like usual, he'll ask me to go announce this stuff, and I say, you do it.
But he only briefly talk about it on Facebook, and since I'm doing most of the blogging and Alex did not make any announcement on the blog, I figured I talk about it on one page. So, I did mentioned I'll still be posting entries when I'm free until the domain expires, so basically I'm just announcing the blog closing few months before hand, rather than announcing it with immediate effect. If Alex had decide to continue the blog, it wouldn't have closed.

So now to why I'm suddenly free to edit videos and blog at my new yoyo blog, because I'm having a one week break from school.
According to Iskandar, many people are unhappy with me doing this, "this" being me saying I'm busy with school and yet able to blog, I'm repeating myself, because I'm having a week break that's why I'm even free to transfer all the footages I filmed few months back and edit them. And, before I started blogging at YoyoAcq, I've still been blogging at both SY and my personal non yoyo blog, so I don't know where's the issue.
But according to Iskandar, I "still don't get it", so over here I'm making a statement for those with doubts, whether or not I get what he's trying to say.

I will still post the remaining promo videos here because I owe these makers their promo videos and SY can deliver more viewers than my personal non-yoyo and yoyo blog.
And I'll be posting yoyo related stuff on my new personal yoyo blog like how I did way before SYBlog was started back in 2008, I blog mostly about yoyos in my personal blog, that's why Alex told me to start a yoyo blog, and then I got more serious about it that;s why I tried to update it often. Now that I can't deliver that, I do it on my personal blog now, just that I have two, one non yoyo related, one yoyo related. If any of you still want me to post your news or videos on SYBlog before the domain expires OR my new yoyo blog, you can email me, OR email both me and Alex if you want it on SYBlog, since even though he decide to close it, he told me he checks his SY email everyday now, so he should be able to respond to your email, if he doesn't response to your email, try sending him another.

again, according to Iskandar, many people SMSed him about this, agreeing with him that... I don't know, like why I said I was busy yet I start another blog?
I hope this statement can answer you, if not, I don't know how.
also, announcement of my personal yoyo blog is also for the benefit of those who are interested in my blogging, that's why I announce it on the SY FB Page.

So Jigures, C3, Zammy, Perfect Element, Backspin, and some of you guys who asked me why I decide to leave SY, here's your answer, and thanks to those who Facebook messaged me, and support me, and encouraged me on the new personal yoyo blog, but like I told you guys, it won't be updated as often like SYBlog.
If anyone still have any issues. you can drop me a msg at fb or publicly question me on my wall. again, thanks to those who supported and understand.